Barre class, Barre workout
"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

All fitness courses are run by Ella Proietti - a professional, experienced Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whose passion is to help you achieve a strong, lean and flexible dancer's body with no dance or ballet experience needed.

Ella specialises in Barre Concept, Mat Pilates, Stretch and Dance classes and is a member of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.


The Barre Concept  workout will help you to:

- tighten up all your muscles

- flatten your tummy

- sculpt a strong, toned backside

- improve your posture, balance and coordination

- increase your strength and flexibility

- achieve a lean dancer's body with no dancing at all

- strengthen your immune system

Barrella class
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​What is Barre Concept?

Barre Concept combines the precision of pilates with the moves, grace and technique of ballet, alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning  - a unique low impact but high intensity workout that sculpts and tightens your entire body, especially your legs and bum, flattens your abs and sculpts your arms very quickly - no dance or ballet experience required!

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The courses are suitable for all ages and levels - from complete beginners to those of you who are very familiar with the Barre workout. Older Adults (Over 60s) can benefit from the 'Low Impact' Barre classes.

Barrella's Barre class