AUTUMN TERM 2020 class timetable

All in-Studio classes are available Online via Zoom app Live, streamed directly into your home - to book click here.

- Monday, Barre Concept, 9:30 - 10:30,  2/11 - 7/12/20


- Thursday, Low Impact Barre class*, 11:00 - 12:00 5/11- 10/12/20 
- Friday, Barre Concept, 10:00 - 11:00, 6/11 - 11/12/20

*Over 60s welcome! Also suitable for any younger person with low fitness levels, coming back to exercise after a long break (e.g. after an injury or illness)


The Studio, (next to All Souls Church) Haliburton Rd, St Margarets, TW11PH
All Souls Church, Northcote Road,
St Margarets, TW11PB
​- Thursday, Barre Concept, 19:45 - 20:45, (big hall), 5/11 - 10/12/20 


6 - week course (half term) - £84

2 classes/week - £158 (save £10)

If you can't make it to your class for some reason, you can request to join it online on Zoom - min. 6hrs notice required. Missed classes can't be carried over to another term.

Limited number of places available due to social distancing guidelines.

No drop ins are available.

Private training sessions available either in the studio or at your chosen location - perfect for those who'd like to focus more on technique and specific problem areas. Also suitable for anyone who might find a group class too challenging and would like a more customised training plan tailored to your specific needs.

Private Session 1:1                £67/hr in Studio, £40/hr at your location

Private Session 1:2                £33/hr per person in Studio, £20/hr per person at your       location

Terms & Conditions of Booking

Course places once purchased are not refundable but can be assigned to other individuals other than the person who bought it.

Unused classes cannot be 'made up' on another day or carried over to a new term. These conditions apply to all persons in all circumstances.

 Private lessons –  min. 24 hours cancellation notice is required. Failure to cancel/change your booking will result in full charges.