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Who is BarrElla?


- my name is Ella Proietti and I'm 49 years young 


- I'm an experienced fitness professional whose passion is ballet and dance (latin, hip hop, dancehall/afrobeats, street)


- I believe in teaching only the classes that you love - that feel like fun, not work


- before I became an instructor in 2014 I used to have a desk job from 9-5 which I loathed


- I'm a mum of 2 teens


- I love motivating and helping people of all ages and fitness levels to stay fit and healthy


- I believe that age is just a silly number


- my aim is to provide you with a full body workout, helping you get stronger, slimmer, more toned, more flexible and overall more body confident


The boring bits - my qualifications:


​- L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Group Exercise to Music

- L3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

- L3 Award in Exercise Considerations for Independently Active, Older Adults

All above with Health and Fitness Education at www.hfe.co.uk

- L3 Matwork Pilates Diploma with EMDUK at https://emduk.org/

- L2 Gym Instructor and L3 Personal Trainer with Study Active at All Our Courses– Study Active - Personal Trainer Courses 

- L4 Nutrition Coach and  Weight Loss Specialist with NASM at Get Certified! Nutrition & Personal Training Certifications, NASM

- Barre Concept Instructor Certificate

- BarreFloor Training Course Certificate 

- Stretch Band Online Training Certificate

- Gym Ball Online Training Certificate

- Small Ball Online Training Certificate

- Foam Roller Online Training Certificate

All above with BarreConcept at https://www.barreconcept.co.uk/ and https://www.emmanewhamfitness.com/courses

- Zumba Instructor Certificate

- Zumba Kids Instructor Certificate

All above with Zumba at https://www.zumba.com/



What to wear?

No special clothing is required - leggings and t-shirt are fine. Also no ballet shoes or tutu needed - bare feet or grippy yoga socks are best!
Just bring a bottle of water and lots of energy!